919-601-7339 or 919-619-7347 AuctionFirstInfo@gmail.com

AUCTION DATE: Sealed bids are due no later than June 29th at 3 pm

This auction will be an open, transparent process using the sealed bid method.  All initial bids are opened at 3 pm on June 29th.  The top three bids will immediately move forward to a 2nd round where the buyer will be determined.

Terms & Conditions: The complete terms and conditions are printed in the Auction Bid Package.  Request a copy via email by contacting Sarah Sonke at 919-601-7339; AuctionFirstInfo@gmail.com or Christy Kimbro at 919-619-7347; ckimbro@fmrealty.com.

Property Showings: The property is open for inspection by appointment starting on June 4th.  Contact your buyer agent or call Sarah Sonke at 919-601-7339 or Christy Kimbro at 919-619-7347.